fI can't get a firewall warning/permission windoe from popping up

I am installing Dropbox on a Windows XP machine and can’t get the unknown application warning window to stop popping up. I’ve set the executable up as a trusted app, but that hasn’t helped.

what am I missing?

Do you have the “Remember my Answer” box ticked?

Is it a Firewall or Defence+ pop up?


It is a firewall alert, and the “remember my answer” box IS checked

I just did a tiny bit of looking up what dropbox does. It synchronises your data using the web.

CIS will treat all external devices like network drives, USB sticks, USB drives etc as unsafe by definition. As a result it will not remember rules. It will remember permissions and blocks for the session at most and won’t store rules.

The reason for this is that devices can be unplugged and therefor the content is not monitored anymore making it potentially unsafe.

Ah ha. Well, “what can’t be cured, must be endured”.

Thanks for the clarification.

I seem to be stuck in the classic “not me” finger pointing loop. I advised dropbox of the problem and received the following reply:

A couple of firewalls (like Comodo) are broken, and cannot be
configured to permit Dropbox through, and quitting the firewall doesn’t fix it.

It is certainly true that the problem persists with Comodo off. How accurate is Dropbox’s statement? If there’s an incompatiblity between Comodo and Dropbox-type applications, does Comodo have any plans to resolve the problem


Rereading this topic. What happens when you make the Dropbox executable(s) part of My Own Safe Files (Defense + → Common Tasks)? Also try to add the Dropbox manufacturer to My Trusted Software Vendors.

Does Dropbox work even though you have to keep on answering alerts?

Did you set it to Trusted for both the Firewall and D+ alerts?

Making the Dropbox executable(s) part of My Own Safe Files (Defense + → Common Tasks) and adding the Dropbox manufacturer to My Trusted Software Vendors. Fixed the problem. Many thanks! I passed the information on to Dropbox. Hopefully, they’ll share it with others.

Thanks for sharing that information with Dropbox. :-TU