Few weird folders in registry

So. Decided it was time to reinstall Windows XP. And i did it, hooray for me. Installed Memory Firewall, CIS, Boclean and other Comodo stuff from cd. Decided to look in the registry and found two very weird looking things in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → Software. Folders called Gemplus, MimarSinan and Schlumberger. Acording to Wikipedia, Schlumberger is a major oil drilling company, Gemplus is somesort of finnish company, owned by Smart Card vendor called Gemalto and MimarSinan came up with nothing. The weird part is, that Schlumberger has an subfolder called “Smartcards and Terminals” Witch has a subfolder that has lot’s of folders called Cryptoflex and Cyberflex. Gemplus has “Cryptogrphy ->Smart cards->GemSafe”.
I don’t think that these are anything to get worried about, but i would like to know that from where these came from and what do they have to with my pc. Although the MimarSinan seems suspicious…
Thank you.

Did you reinstall with a MS disk or a HP, or such, backup?

Different companies put different stuff in, as you know.

For instance, Why does MS put a Xerox folder on my machine? I’ve no interest or business with Xerox.

Since it’s a fresh install, if I were you I’d just delete them. Better to see what happens now, probably nothing bad will happen.

I installed XP Home Edition from the MS XP Home Edition disc, that i bought from the local Electornic store, Expert so there shouldn’t be any extra stuff. Well since Superantispyware and Malwarebyte’s and CIS haven’t found anything yet, i would say that my Pc is rather clean. As long they don’t bother my gaming and are not labeled as malware, i think they can stay there.