few things about csc

windows update temp is not checked by default in disk cleaner. is it safe to clean windows update temp.

disk cleaner and privacy cleaner does not remember backup files before cleaning option and also the backups are not created even though the option is checked and applied. bugs??

after cleaning the registry with registry protection and restart and clicking finalize the window disappears and nothing appears like in disk cleaner and privacy cleaner the cleaning window appears, though the backup appears in the backup section of the registry. this means registry is cleaned right?? is this the way crc works??

after disk and privacy cleanup with registry protection/safe delete and restart and clicking finalize the clean window appears and cleaning process completes and then clicking on close button again the finalize and restore window appears and clicking on finalize the window disappears. is this the way both disk and privacy cleanup works or its bugs??

clicking on powercleanup starts the cleanup process immediately or displays a warning like do you really want to run powercleanup?? and does powercleanup also scans and deletes duplicate files. (coz i think duplicate files finder is really dangerous as it finds lots and lots of files in both simple and advance mode which are innocent and nowhere duplicates in any way. duplicate files in csc is totally a disastrous and useless feature)

please clear all the above points. waiting for your help frds.


thanxx naren

Hi, a few answers:

I can’t see why it wouldn’t be safe to clean this, despite that it’s not checked by default.

Pls report, thanks!

Sounds reasonable.

No, duplicate files are not selected/deleted.

thanxx for helping me out.

so its safe to delete windows update temp files - ok (i asked this coz i thought its not checked by default, may be it can create some prob)

disk and privacy backup prob is solved. (actually when i checked the backup option a window appeared and i clicked ok coz i thought it will backup by default like in crc but later i came to know that i have to click browse and choose the location to backup files) but there are 2 things. backup files and backup xml. when i click on both the browse button the same file name is there backupCDC so i sould create any 1 or both and with the same name or different file names.

NP. :slight_smile:

Well, there is no guarantee. Now, I don’t know exactly what these files are, but let’s say that you have updated Windows with its Automatic Updates - then I can’t imagine that you would need these leftover temp files.