Few Questions

Attached is the screenshot.

In the screenshot you can see it shows New user but I have only 1 Admin Account i.e Naren, why its showing New user? Quick Repair also shows New user.

(Info regarding this - I have installed XP with nlite + wintoflash USB, both programs with default settings i.e no customization. In nlite Unattended Mode the default for Accounts is Admin, Guest & New user. But when I installed XP, during installation I changed it to Naren. User Accounts also shows Naren & Guest & no other accounts. So why CCE is showing New user? If this can create probs I am ready to reinstall XP.)

In the screenshot you can see the FP on Office file. This FP I had submitted to Comodo 2 days back when CIS detected it & it was fixed as I received an email from Comodo. I checked & confirmed it was fixed. Now CIS doesn’t detects it. Why CCE detects it? given that both CIS & CCE uses the same database. I know there are extra sensors in CCE but if an FP is resolved in CIS it should also reflect in CCE, it would be good, m I right?


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In Windows there is a difference for the ‘real’ and ‘display’ account name, I suspect your real account name is ‘new user’ and you display name is ‘naren’.
Can you open a command-box and type “set USERNAME” see what that displays.

It is displaying New user?

So your Windows account’s ‘real’ name = ‘New User’ and your ‘display’ name is ‘Naren’.

How can I completely change the New user to Naren? Reinstall XP?

I dont think so but can this be the reason for this —



You could create a new account, but you will probably lose all application settings you made as they are saved in your profile.
I never tried to ‘move’ those from one to an other account so can’t help you there.

What if I rename Naren to New user? Then I guess it will be the same everywhere i.e New user, right?

I am planning to reinstall XP.

So should I change New user under nlite XP Account setting to Naren? & guess I should also select Provide Defaults Mode instead of Unattended Mode?

Its so irritating to reinstall XP again with nlite & wintoflash combo. Again I will have to do all the things & hope everything goes well. The main prob is the CD/DVD drive stopped working. But guess this is the best option.


Does this command set USERNAME displays all the real account name or only the real account name for the logged in user i.e the real account name for multiple user or for the logged on user only?


Only for the user which started the command-box, you can find all ‘real’ names under c:\documents and settings.…
Or in Computer, Manage, Users & Groups

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I reinstalled & now the command set USERNAME shows Mahesh & Documents & Settings shows All Users & Mahesh & with show hidden files it also shows Default. So now I have only 1 admin account Mahesh(real & displayed), right?