few questions regarding cis .471

when the computer starts the memory usage of cfp and cmd are as follows –

cfp – first few minutes app, 11234 k
few minutes later app. 4987 k
finally settles at app. 3987 k

cmd – first few minues app. 20234 k
few minutes later app. 5987 k
finally settles at app. 9987 k

is this the way cfp and cmd memory usage is?? is this normal or common.

This seems to be common.

right after writing this post i checked cfp is as usual app. 3345 k but cmd is app 704 k. please give little info regarding these.

Can you post a screenshot from Process Explorer with cmdagent si cfp? I dunno where are those 704k…
Here on Vista64 SP1, Firewall, AV and D+ active looks like in picture below. ???

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i dont know how to post a screenshot. let me know

See picture below. Click on that arrow from Additional options, then click browse and select your picture from where you put it in your computer.

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