few questions about free antiviruses

win xp sp3
current securtiy setup
pctools firewall plus
avira free

do i need to cofigure avira, especially the guard and extended threat. i tested avira with trojan simulator available in testmypcsecurity.com
with default settings avira doesn’t detects it (both ondemand and onaccess), but if i check the security privacy risk (SPR) in extended threat, avira detects it (both ondemand and onaccess). does this mean by default avira doesnt detects trojan. the default settings are fine or should i configure it. what areas and what should i configure??

avast free doesn’t protects from script viruses. so an avast user is not protected from script viruses. are there many script viruses in the wild?? are these viruses very dangerous and a potential threat to the system?? are behaviour blockers capable of protecting from script viruses, BB like threatfire. avast free doesn’t have only script blocker, will avast behaviour blocker fill the gap and protect avast user’s from script viruses??


anyone here???

Hi Naren.

Personally I always alter the settings to include all the threat categories and sometimes,depending upon the potential risk level I increase the heuristics to high,although this does throw up a few FPs.