few questions about file submit

could i submit rar files to comodo directly through the file submit inside cis or i have to send it by email if it is rar file?and once if i submit a file with my email address would i get a reply from comodo about the result of their analysis after my submission ?if i can get a reply how much time later would i get it?

Hello, there are many ways you can upload files to comodo.

^Look here^

Or you can use

Or if you have alot of malware you can upload them to a hosting site (Like rapidshare\megaupload) and PM Melih the link with the password “infected” without the quotes.

I’m pretty sure you don’t get replies as of yet, theres just too many samples comming through in these early days for them to reply to everyone.

And if your a regular contributer you could join the malware research group :slight_smile: