few questions about cis

i have a single computer. local broadband internet service provider.so…
under firewall settings - alert settings - i can uncheck the option related to ics server, m i right??

whats the actual default setting for image execution control?? coz when i install cis, image execution control is disabled. but in the help file the option normal is the default and recommended setting.

threatcast always says threatcast not available. during installation i chose to join the threatcast community. i have the released version installation file .468. unstalled and reinstalled and updated to .477 few times but then too i dont get any threatcast. its always threatcast not available. any solution??

i plan to disable defence plus and install threatfire (i like defence plus but my family members simply click allow thats why). so i should simply disable defence plus and install threatfire or if i disable defence plus then i have to change some settings in firewall. to disable defence plus there are two ways. one is to move the slider to disabled and the other is the option deactivate the defence plus permanently. whats the difference between the two??

please clear all my points.


Have you tried Parent Mode w/ no alerts?

i know about the parent mode but i dont want to use it. please clear all my points.


Yes, you can disable it.

Use the Deactivate D+ Permanently option.

thanks for replying. but you didn’t cleared some points. someone please read my query carefully and fully and reply accordingly. where are you expert guyz?? 3xist, experience and …all.


It looks like the only ‘point’ that hasn’t been answered has been in regards to Threatcast. There was a bug that Melih feels has been fixed, but it requires re-registration to the Threatcast service. You’ll need to reinstall CIS in order to fix this.

#2 - Image Execution Control should be on ‘Normal’, Detect Shellcode Injections (Buffer Overflow Protection) should be checked. Keep in mind, if you are going to disable Defense+, the above settings will not matter, as they will be disabled.

#3 - When did you install CIS? Yes, Re-installation is required to receive Threatcast ratings.

#4 - If you select ‘Disable Defense+ Permanently’, you will not be able to change the setting by right-clicking the icon.

thanxx for replying. what i meant was

ics server - i dont know much. ics means internet connection sharing i.e atleast 2 (main computer including) or more computers relying on 1 main computer for internet connectivity. right. i have only 1 computer so i can unckeck the ics option. right.

image execution control - on installation the default is disabled and in the help file the default is normal. the installation default ie disabled is due to bugs or it is correct default setting and the help file default ie normal means if one wants to activate image execution control then the default is normal. ( m i right)

threatcast - ok i have to reinstall cis to get threatcast. i have .468 installation file. so i can reinstall with this file or i have to download a fresh .477 installation file.

defence plus - if i disabled defence plus and installed threatfire do i need to change some firewall settings.

disabling defence plus - disabling defence plus with slider means it is disabled but its settings can be accessed and disabling defence plus with the option deactivate defence plus permanently means it is disabled and its settings too cannot be accessed. m i right


#1, Answered above, yes, You can uncheck it. Your computer is not being used as a gateway.

#2, yes.

#3, I would recommend installing the latest version.

#4, I don’t use ThreatFire so I can’t answer that question.

#5, Settings can only be changed from within Settings, and only after re-enabling D+.

Does this help you any?

thanks john for clearing my points. if i activate and set image execution settings to normal do i get more pop ups.

I don’t receive that many, myself.
I will also suggest on the ‘Files To Check’ tab adding File Groups/Executables. This will monitor any executable file for malicious behavior.

ok thanxx. just now downloaded .477. lets see after installation threatcast works or not and will post here. but one things .477 32 bit is 32 mb but when downloaded the file size is 45 mb??

downloaded .477 installation file 45mb. cleaned registry, disk and privacy with csc. installed .477 and updated. opted for threatcast community on installation. still the same threatcast not available. wasted 50 mb of my internet package on .477 download, install and update. can anyone tell me for which software they are getting threatcast so that i can check with that software. please give the software of little file size as my internet package is limited.


Flash player is a pretty small download. I saw Threatcast alerts when installing.
Adobe Flash Player