few question about Comodo Firewall + ESET Nod32 combo...

Hi guys,

I’m trying Comodo Firewall +D together with ESET Nod32.

I have few question, hopefully you will share your experience.

1> It says on my Security center that both Comodo and Nod32 antispyware are running. Is there any problem that might conflict each other?

2> anybody used Comodo Firewall +D with Nod32? how’s the security with this two combo?

3> How to reset all that i blocked in Comodo Firewall and Defense+ ?

4> Anything i need to change on comodo firewall setup with Nod32 running?

5> When i install comodo i disable the AV, but in the beginning it scan my system. Where can i found scan so that i will scan my system again (even the AV is disable or not installed).

thank you in advance for your reply.

  1. Microsoft security center always bitch, as long as you don’t experience any conflicts then there is no need to worry. This is a try to inform you. As long as you don’t have CIS AV on realtime scanning there should be no conflict.

  2. Its very secure. (:HUG) (:TNG) you could use other ondemand scanners if you like, but NOD32 and CIS should offer good protection!

  3. firewall > advanced > network security policy (select and remove…) (sugest you leve the block ICMP thing)

D+ > advanced > computer security policy (select remove.)
word of cation thou, I would not remove windows system applications or windows updater applications or COMODO internet security from there, as especially “windows system applications” are very essential!

EDIT:: potentially check D+ >“My blocked files” too and remove there.
and, Firewall > My network zones (but I would leave that if I were you).

  1. Maby allow nod32 to access internet when it asks so it can update virus definitions.

  2. You need to have the antivirus part to do scans with comodo after the installation
    to do that Antivirus > Run a Scan.

thanks monkey_boy!

btw, how can i add Nod32 to access the internet?
As of now it do automatic update, do i need to worry adding Nod32 on comodo trusted apps or accessing the internet?

follow up question on your item 2 reply…the defense + of comodo firewall is also antispyware? how does it work though?

No problem vaioman. (:HUG)

Depending of what you have set your firewall too you should get a alert asking you to allow or not.
In custom policy you get an alert for everything, in safe you get a alert for only files not safe listed.
You can add rules manually but thats takes more time than simply selecting “yes” next time nod 32 tries to connect.
I would just click “update”, and if CIS popups then I would allow and remember (as long as the application is nod32).

If it does automatic updates already than there is no need to worry, you have granted nod32 the right access to internet! Unless it stands in nod32 gui “virusdatabase is old”(or similar) and you don’t get a “failed to update” when updating then there is no need to worry. Nod32 connects fine.

It works based on prevention. the D+ module with the firewall will alert you when a spyware/keylogger/trojan/virus etc (and unfortunately some safe applications too) tries to install itself, and run or when something tries to connect the internet or something tries to modifying important parts of the registry, D+ can guard a lot of things and can catch almost every bad application and tries to put you in charge of what to run and what softwares can and can’t do, unfortunately the user has to make the right choice to protect them self, but also the right choice to be able to run everything the user want to run.

Thats why CIS is building a bigger whitelist and list of trusted software vendors, to only popup for unknown/bad applications hopefully, making it easier to the user to make a good choice, plus being less annoying. And adding some intelligence to the D+ module to warn more precise eg of “malicious” behavior and such. Making the choice more clear to the non technical user.

thank you for the reply sir!

i’m still trying comodo with Nod32 and still building some confident with this two security software.

my previous security suite was KIS2009 (for almost 2years) i kinda dissapointed with KIS when it detected a virus and it hang ups and now my PC fvcked up big time and it come to doing clean install … any idea how good this two compare to KIS2009?

Both nod and CIS should be somewhat low in memory usage.
Comodos firewall and hips usually outperforms kasperskys equivalent firewall and HIPS.

As to detection, nod32 antivirus vs kasp antivirus I don’t know.
I leave that to someone else to answerer.

But if you want really badass detection you would have to use multiple scanners as noone detects all.
You could installing Super Anti Spyware and a-squared Free as they both find a lot and are free.
Have them on demand, (eg scann with them if the computer feels slow or once a month or whatever)…
Sometimes they might catch something nod misses!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

i’ll try SAS.

i have SAS Pro 3years ago so i’ll just try it again.

comodo firewall + Nod32 + SAS Pro (on-demand)…it will not make my PC slow?

I don’t think you got the “on demand thing”. (THINK) ;D

A program will slow things down if you have it running in the background. But on-demand is not something running in the background. I suggest you go with SAS free. As it has what you need to run it on-demand.

Ondemand means that the program is OFF when you start the computer (see pic of how to make SAS not startup with the computer) It also means that its off every time you don’t need it and won’t do any “real time” scanning/updating.

SAS adds itself to startup so its important to remove it from there. If you do, no performance impact should be noticed. And when you feel like scanning simply look in the sas folder and start it and do a update then scan! :slight_smile:

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After months to years of testing, I’ve settled with the exact combination as the above with one small addition:

  1. Comodo Firewall with D+
  2. ESET NOD32 Antivirus
  3. Superantispyware on demand
  4. SpywareBlaster

It all runs with very minimal system impact, and believe me, I am very fussy about this. I would recommend the above combination for everyone who knows how to deal with D+.

Comodo Firewall with D+ is very light! it shows only ~7MB at task manager. But my Nod32 is using ~40MB.

Anyway i dont have problem with that. My problem now is my internet (wireless) is going ON/OFF this couple of days. I experience this also when i’m using KIS2009.

Hopefully this is not my security software issue. I’m using Netgear router.

Any advise?

Hello guys,

I also use CIS (firewall with defence+) in combination with ESET NOD 32 almost one year and so far I have not experienced any troubles. During this time my computer was always clean. As an antispyware I am using Webroot SpySweeper, and also, without any problems. But now I am trying Malwarebyte’s Antimalware. I have read good reviews on the internet and is free.