few probs

i dont know whats the cause for the probs. i dont think there is any malware coz i scanned the system with latest updated version of FREE superantispyware, malwarebytes, a squared, avira and finally our comodo internet security. no malware found (few tracking cookies and nothing else). tracking cookies deleted. now about the prob. the prob is that the scrolling of pages is not happening. i mean when i try to scroll the web pages with mouse scroller its not happening. i have to drag the side bar of the web pages. the prob exists in both the internet explorer and firefox (both latest version fully updated). as i said scanned with all the above scanners no malware found and i had cleaned the registry, disk and privacy with CSC (registry-default settings, disk-cleanup section everything checked, privacy-everything checked except favourites and bookmarks). i dont think CSC is responsible for this as i always clean the system once in a month with CSC with the above mentioned settings and i never had any prob. what may be the prob. try to help plzz.

win xp sp3 (with latest updates)
CIS - the only on access security software
superantispyware, malwarebytes, a squared and avira (free versions - only on demand scanners)


p.s. - one more prob

i have internet through local service provider i.e cable connection. when i check the internet usage status
in the service providers website the time of the internet usage it shows is little ahead i.e. if taskbar clock shows 9pm, in the website the internet usage status shows the time 9.03pm. it is always exactly 3 min ahead. this is something normal and the website prob or any malware prob. in the site there is a column for mac address. previously it use to be always blank but now it shows the mac address. i dont know if it is the system mac address or any other mac address. is this normal and by the service provider or any malware prob. need little info and help on this. SORRY FOR THE LENGTHY POST BUT TRY TO REPLY ALL THE 3 PROBS MENTIONED IN THE POST.


Does the scrolling work in Windows Explorer and other programs?

I guess the clock on the proxy may not be correctly synched.

I guess the MAC address the “dashboard” show wil be the MAC address of your ethernet local network adapter. So see the MAC address of it do the following:
In Windows go to Start → Run → type cmd in the Run field → push enter → type: ipconfig /all (notice the space in front of /all) → push enter → look up the MAC address of the Ethernet Local Network Adapter.

today the scrolling prob is fine i.e. solved automatically

checked the mac address as u said. under ethernet description the physical address is the same numbers shown in the website in the mac address column. this is normal and not a prob right?? i am asking this coz previously this column use to be blank. the numbers have started showing up recently.

i didn’t understood what you said about the clock part. i dont have any proxy settings. what proxy are you talking about?? little info about the clock in the taskbar - i am from india and in the time zone it is set according to this. under internet time the selected server is time-nw.nist.gov and automatically synchronize is selected. is the selected server correct?? thanxx replying EricJH


Sorry for the confusion about the proxy. I didn’t mean to use that word. Just a glitch of my mind.

I think the clock on the ISP’s service pages is simply not properly synched. In case of doubt you could try to synch the Windows clock with one of the other available time servers for the Windows clock.