Few bugs

  1. Comodo Logo - After the last update, the “Comodo” text logo appears in the upper right corner of the Dragon window, until you click the “maximize” window icon…and poof!, the Comodo logo disappears. Click on the “maximize” icon again…and presto!, the logo reappears. It seems to me that the Comodo logo should always be visible.

  2. Save password - Dragon does not ask to remember my log on password for Paypal. It remembers all my other passwords, why not Paypal? (yes, I have “offer to save passwords” selected)

  3. The download tabs (in the download bar) have a broken line that makes the tab look strange (see attached pic).

[attachment deleted by admin]

No, this is exactly how the Google logo operates on Google Chrome.

Thanks Sal…so, it is not a bug.
For that particular item, I’ll change from a bug report to a suggestion: I still think the Comodo logo should always be visible. But alas, it is a minor point.