Fehler: 0x80072efd - Die Serververbindung konnte nicht hergestellt werden.

Hi there,
‘Error: 0x80072efd - connection with the server could not be established.’
This error message appears for a few days, if I want to update the virus signatures.
Now, I completely uninstalled COMODO. Then I cleaned the hard disk and registry with CCCleaner. I then downloaded and reinstalled COMODO.
The same error occurs again. - What am I doing wrong? :-
Other internet connections work perfectly; I write in this forum … :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!


i have the same error since a few days.
I also uninstalled and reinstalled it. I did the same procedure as s.oliver.
Still the same problem.



Does the following solution help you?


editing the registry was the key. Now update works.
What did that registry change?

Hi again,
I like to agree Feuermahr: Editing the registry key fixes the error on my machine too.
Thank you EricJH for your post!
What causes this error?
Do I cause this error as a normal user? And could it be, this error happens again soon?

please what did you changed and where

the instructions are provided in the link EricJH posted above