Feeling left out.....

Ever since I have installed the Comodo products I never get viruses or malware anymore. I’m so bored now. :-[

I feel like I’m being left out and the world is passing me by. Guess I’ll have to uninstall Comodo products and put something inferior on my machine so I can feel the adrenaline rush of trojans stealing all of my data and personal info again. :’(

Thinking of calling my shrink. :o


Bet you’ve never seen a post like this before. Just thought I would start a little crap since my V3 wall is purrrring right along and so is CBOC.

Just having a little fun with ya. Ole KuMowwDaaa over there is getting feisty today. (:TNG)

Comment away people!!!


Well when the final version of CFP 3 is released you will be even more bored ;D

I’d tell you worst thing thing you could do it so unplug your network cable, that would make you so bored you’d probably think opening and closing the start menu is fun. So now go uninstall everything that protects your computer and post your IP on every site you find :wink:

Ah! My favourite! Flame bait on a roll! :wink:

I like the posting of my IP on every site. That’s a good suggestion.

Haven’t tried the opening/closing of the start menu yet but sounds like it could be something to keep me occupied for hours on end.

Thought about just turning my PC on and off with the power button constantly. Figured that would cause something exciting to happen eventually.

My wife also suggested that I get a life but that doesn’t sound fun to me either. (:LGH)


There’s always that consideration of posting a new thread entitled, “I dare you to hack my system, hackers!” with the IP addy reveal.

Bet you never thought such a recommendation from a security forum ;D

If I did that it would probably only be 5 minutes before they had all of the furniture carried out of the house and I wouldn’t even see it happening.


Don’t worry, hackers won’t be able to steal your furniture, believe me, I tried :smiley:

You sure you don’t have the TV remote?



Yes I’m pretty sure of that ^^
Oh and by the way, congratulations on 300 posts :wink:

Hopefully most of my previous posts have been way more useful than what I started here.


Only because you’d be so entranced by the Start Menu opening and closing that you wouldn’t be aware of the world around you. It is rather exciting…

Hey, isn’t there a site devoted to hacking where you can register and they’ll hack you for free? And show you how (to some extent) they did it? Seems like I’ve seen a site like that before… :wink: (:KWL)


Seems like someone’s been to the dark side lately… 88)

Couldn’t be me. Nope. Must be mistaken.


Sunglasses don’t hide your IP. (:KWL)


Nor the make of your browser, your OS, your geographical area, and any other number of informational pieces. Not too concerned; I’m really not that tasty of a treat. :wink:

Nonetheless… (:KWL) ;D


Sorry, I was busy opening and closing the Start menu. Ragwing was right that is very entertaining.

Hey cool!!! I just found out that if you pour Pop on the keyboard you only have to press the keys once and then they just stay down automatically. Now I see what my youngest daughter was trying to show me. Cuts out all of the extra typing when you are in a cccccchhhhhhhaaaaatttttttt rrrrrroooooooooommmmmmm.


Ah, so you’re interested in the keyboard, eh? I’ve attached an interesting article about such things. It’s taken from PCLinuxOS Magazine for April of this year; I included the cover page for appropriate credit…

[attachment deleted by admin]

If you have not been to the darkside how do you appreciate the light LOL (:KWL)
Of the jedi training, part it is


PS why be afraid of a litle virus just take healthy dose of PCcilin and restore daily. or better yet just make sure you use your VM. (:WIN) (:LOV)

As I always like to do when there’s something to disucss:

Ragwing, follower of Wikipedia

P.S Does these hide my IP? (:NRD)