ok i finally had to remove the free version from my windows7 machine as it was driving me crazy the firewall was asking the same questions over and over regardless of your selection ()don,t ask again) and the anti-virus identified just about every file on my PC as i have many PPC applications it sandboxes your applications regardless of you selecting don’t sandbox this application ,so why ask in the first place if this is not an option , in my opinion you have got a lovely GUI and that’s what you have been concentrating on please pay more attention to the application and you will have a winner .

If the paid version is as bad as the free version i am glad i didn’t pay for this or i would demand my money back

just being honest :wink:

PPC= Pocket PC applications?

Just for clarification. Do the PPC apps get sandboxed each time you start them regardless of telling CIS not to sandbox them?

What is the problem with the AV? Does it produced lots of false positives? If so what are your settings for heuristics?

Did you move them from My Pending files to My Own Safe files too?