50/50 so far. I had two people fax me today and only received one of the faxes, with no error messages on why the other didn’t show up. :cry:

you have enough credit to receive, sender has enough credit to send? and sender actually did send it?

send an email to trustfax support to get to the bottom of it…


I signed up for TrustFax $4.95/month plan with 30 days free. Just realized this minute why I haven’t received 5 of 7 faxes – the 5 page free – used up on 2 pages, apparently! So, I clicked to activate my account so I could receive the other 5 faxes, and it took my money but now it’s saying something about needing page credit! What part of this is free??? The “free” 30 day trial lasted until I’d received 2 pages!!! The “free” month lasted less than 1 week. The other 7 faxes are being held hostage til I pony up for pages credit, and I don’t see anywhere on your site what that constitutes, why I should pay for it, or how much it will cost. Help!!!


You can contact Trustfax support to help you with that.

you get 5 pages free, either sending or receiving.
You must appreciate that each phone call we receive (cos its a toll free number) or send has a cost associated with it, hence we limit it to 5 pages.

I am sure our support guys will be more than happy to help you.