Feedback - Type, Code entries in Firewall Events

O Hello!

Just simple question. Is there a special reason why Comodo replaced in Firewall Log entries like: TCP Port Scan, DDOS Attack (SYN Flood) etc. for these “codes”, “types” like entries?

Old Firewall log:

Because, I suspect my housemate, that he scanned my port for future purpose. But now I just spending time with looking for what these for me unknown entries mean. Anyway, I can’t locate in this topic: the mentioned *.txt file, which will be very useful now. :slight_smile:

Happy Comodo user since version 3. :-*

Hi Theo05,

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They didn’t replace them, they did remove the ‘attack’ detections though but type/code is basic ICMP error control.

Here is a complete list of codes Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Parameters
Where type 3 code x is probably along your list of logged codes right?

Thanks for fast reply, I like this community. :slight_smile:

And yes, in my log are a bunch of Type(3) Code(1) entries, sometimes Code(10), very rare Type(8) Code(0). So, good to know about that site, thanks. :slight_smile: