Feedback ... Trusted Files/Vendors

I just updated my CIS installation and found that where I’d previously removed vendors from my trusted vendors list that they’d been added back to it. Can I suggest that you guys take existing lists into account when you update the application? I understand that you might want to make these choices for the less informed but I know who I trust and who I don’t and it’s a little annoying when you guys repeatedly put a vendor that I don’t trust into my trusted list for me.


I think, a lot of users demand redesigned approach to TVL management.
For example:
CIS has two trusted vendors lists:

  1. user approved TVL (initially, only comodo and microsoft)
  2. comodo approved TVL (which is the subject of regular updates)
    And there is also appropriate checkbox in settings: do not use TVL / trust only user approved TVL / trust all comodo approved TVL
    If “trust only User approved TVL” is selected and user runs exe, which is signed by vendor, that is not in the user’s TVL, then alet occurs: [b]“installer.exe is signed by somecompany inc, which is not in your user’s TVL. Somecompany inc is in comodo’s TVL, so you can safely allow this application”[/b] and checkbox “add this publisher to user’s TVL”

For more convenience there also could be after-install or on-demand option “scan Program Files folder and add founded Publishers (which are trusted by Comodo) to the user’s TVL”