Feedback to Comodo Developer Team

Hello, Team
at first, please excuse me for my bad English.
Ok, I was a happy user of your CIS, until today. I installed a new HDD in my Computer and I want to move some programs to this new HDD, CIS too. I thought, the simply way is to export the settings, then uninstall the CIS and than to install the program on my new drive, for example in the new folder E:\comodo\Comodo Internet Security. At first, I closed all Internet-Programs, espacially the browser. Then I start the uninstall program with a click on the linked icon in the start-menu and the uninstallation was in progress and ended succesfully. But after that, the uninstallation program start my prefered browser (without ask to me!!!) to ask me, why I’m uninstalling the program! Why you start this stupid question AFTER the deinstallation process? My computer was blank of any security and your program was starting a connecting to the internet. It’s like without a bullet-proof vest in Iraq. Is this the punishment for the deleting of your software? Sorry, but are you stupid?
I unplugged the power cord of my modem immediatly.
Ok, you made a mistake, and I apologize for it. But I’m going to uninstall the CIS (after a previous update) once more in 4 weeks, only for a test. If at this time the uninstall routine do the same mistake, than I’m going to return to my old security solution and I think, I can’t recommend your software in further times. By the way, I’m working in a successfully IT-Company in good old Germany.

So, and if my English so bad, that you didn’t understand me, here is it in German:
Ich war ein zufriedener Nutzer der Comodo Internet Security bis heute. Heute baute ich eine neue Festplatte in meinen Rechner und wollte einige Programme auf die neue Platte verschieben, unter anderem CIS. Ich dachte, der einfachste Weg ist der Export der Einstellungen, das Deinstallieren und danach das erneute Installieren der Software auf dem neuem Laufwerk, z.B. im Verzeichnis e:\Comodo usw.
Zuerst schloss ich alle Programme mit Internet-Zugriff, allen voran die Browser. Startete die Uninstall-Routine über das Start-Menü, diese lief auch durch und verrichtete ihren Job erfolgreich.
Zu meinem Entsetzen aber startete dieses Programm ungefragt dann meinen Browser, um mich zu fragen, warum ich CIS deinstalliere. Warum stellen Sie mir diese dämliche Frage NACH der Deinstallation? Mein PC war komplett schutzlos dem Internet ausgeliefert, und Ihre Software schickt ihn schutzlos in die Hölle des WWW? Wie ohne kugelsichere Weste in den Irak? Ist das die Strafe für das Löschen Ihrer Software? Entschuldigung, aber seid Ihr bescheuert?
Ich habe sofort den Stecker meines Modems gezogen.
Gut, das ist ein Fehler Eurerseits, und ich entschuldige EINEN Fehler.
Ich werde in etwa 4 Wochen (nach einem vorherigen Update) die Software noch einmal deinstallieren, nur zum Test. Sollte dieses Horrorszenario dann noch einmal eintreten, dann werde ich wohl zu meiner alten Sicherheitslösung zurückkehren und vor allem werde ich Sie dann nicht mehr weiterempfehlen. Ich arbeite übrigens in einer guten Computerfirma in Deutschland.
Merry Christmas,
Radio Fun

You’re paranoid. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with connecting to the net without a security program, especially when connecting to a safe site like Comodo’s.

Radio fun, Welcome to the forums.

You are the only who has complained about the CIS uninstaller, and how it pop ups your browser window to give feedback as to why your uninstalling - It DOES proves useful to the development team. I don’t see that as a punishement, nor do I see a reason as to why you call Comodo stupid.


If i understand what your writing correctly, that’s only a feedback to help comodo improve their program.
Like why you uninstalled their software, what are you unhappy with and so on.
Not to punish you in any way.

Wenn ich verstehen, was Ihrer schriftlich korrekt, das ist nur ein Feedback zu helfen Comodo Verbesserung ihrer Programm.
Wie, warum Sie ihre Software deinstalliert, was sind Sie unglücklich mit und so weiter.
nicht zu bestrafen Sie in irgendeiner Form.
(Ich bin nicht so gut in Deutsch)

IMHO, he does have a point. The “reason for uninstalling” window should appear before the security app is uninstalled.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Sorry to disagree. That would be taken as an actual punishment by the users as they would presume that ‘they are bound’ to give feedback if it is to be uninstalled. That may also mean experts slamming the strategy!

Secondly, sometimes ‘mouse slips’ like you want to open CIS GUI through start>programs may make people click uninstall, which, if connects Comodo before he actually wish to uninstall may only result in opening of new topics in the forums!

There is a point in reporting why we uninstalled, when we actually uninstall. Otherwise, IMHO, I don’t think so.

I agree with you that the uninstall web page could be viewed as punishment or could be arrived at by means of a mouse fart, but the web page could have a big banner that read something like “This is the “Why are you uninstalling XYZ” page. If you have arrived here by mistake, please close this browser window and cancel the uninstaller”.

I was merely trying to address the original posters point that the security app was uninstalled and then, once unprotected, took the user onto the internet to get to the “reason for uninstalling” web page. I was just suggesting that the web bit got moved to the front of the process, allowing them to provide info, if they want, while still protected.

Ewen :slight_smile:

This is a problem not to be underestimated.

correct solution

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I did get your point. I was just cautioning of a possible reaction against Comodo in case if it gets implemented in that manner. Already a lot of maligning tries are & were going on in the forum and hence I brought in my apprehension. Thats all. Experts like you are much more wise and can recommend things taking cognizance of facts.

Another reason was, AFAIK CIS does not get uninstalled by a single click and only if user agrees to uninstall and press next(s) that the uninstaller actually uninstalls. So, I felt that it could not have been uninstalled accidently by a single click (though ignorance could trigger it) except when people choose to uninstall and thus remain unprotected or wish switch to another one.

Any way, that was just an apprehension and my point of view and nothing more. Let us see whether the original poster comes back or not and how can we help him.

thanks for your answers.
To panic:
Yes, this is the core of my post. I want to recommend, that the question starts BEFORE the uninstalling process. I understand, that the Comodo team want to know, why the user want to uninstall their software. This feedback is very important, for me as an IT-Technician too.
To 3xist Josh:
Thank you for your welcome. But, sorry, but I think, it’s not clever for a internet security company, to start a internet connection without any virus- or spyware-protection. You have to assume, that my computer is blank of any protection AFTER the deinstalling of your software. Why should I have installed any other protection solution, if I’m a user of CIS? My conclusion: In this case you are stupid.
To slemmen
I’m not unhappy about my security solution CIS, the reason for uninstalling was only to move it to another drive. Yes, and I want to help you.
To Stefen:
My LAN-Connection starts automatically, when my internet-browser starts. This is for me (and for any other, I think) the most comfortably way. And why should I disable my LAN, I just do not calculate with an action like this.
And at last to Mooth:
I’m not paranoid. When my browser starts, then starts the last session. Normally there 4 windows with almost 20 or more tabs starts and they are automatically updated. I can’t say, that if these sites are all safe sites? Can you say, that all your visited sites are safe sites? Every expert know, there are only few seconds needed, to infect a unprotected Windows-XP-Computer during surfing in the internet.
Thanks to all and merry Xmas
PS: I miss a Santa-Claus-Smiley above ;D

I understand that English is your second language, and there may be a bit of misunderstanding here.

It’s OK to disagree with Josh, but it’s not polite to call anyone stupid.

PS: I miss a Santa-Claus-Smiley above ;D

+1 :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hello Comodo-Team!
Please apologize the sentence: “You are stupid.”
It’s better to say: You are not clever in this case.
Please do something, to ask the feedback-question before the uninstalling process. I think, it is the more logical way to prevent a accidentally deleting of the software.
Many thanks.
I’m still missing a Xmas-smiley

By the way, I not changed my name because the unplolite posts, but Spot.Zwei is my “real virtual” name. The old name is more a anonymous sign.

NP and welcome to the forums!

I see this point also. When I have uninstalled CIS I always do it with the Cat 5 unplugged, but not everyone knows to do that. I know why Comodo needs feedback, but I think it would be logical to initiate this webpage at the beginning of the uninstall process.

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Agree. Ask first.

I also agree. !

Good Bye, Comodo.
You are not able to learn. I think my first statement was correctly.
So long


Comodo is not the only company to request feedback when uninstalling a software product.

That’s true, but request feedback before the security app being uninstalled sounds more reasonable.