Feedback - thank you for Windows Theme

I would like to thank the Comodo Team for being so much smarter than any other company that creates software nowadays - for providing the native Windows Theme.

The Windows Theme of Comodo is lightning fast compared to any other theme on my computer. Thank you - I hope you will always provide this option in the future versions of Comodo as well.

I like using the Windows theme too.

Another vote for Windows theme from here :-TU

Could you give me link to the Comodo Windows Theme? it’ interesting.

Its one of the skins that come with CIS v5. Open up the main comodo gui. Go to more>preferences>appearance and change the theme.

I see. I thought it was mentioned windows themes. As for Comodo Themes I already use them. My favorite one is blue. Really, thank you to Comodo for the themes and all they do.

The theme is way faster then other themes over here as well (ASRock ION 330), very odd though.
The themes should all be as quick.

Me too. ;D
I like the Windows Theme.

Heres my windows themed CIS to match my custom UI theme.

what software do you use to make themes. i want to try making my own aswell

Windows theme user here ! :-TU

I personally use Resource Tuner, Restorator 2007, Windows Style Builder, Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop…