Feedback/Question - Submitting Files [Solved]

Hello Comodo,

I’m C++ programmer and also I program in C#( managed ).
As you know, .net exe&dll files can easily be decompiled by softwares such as “Reflector”.
When I develop a program; I have to run it several times on my system. :slight_smile:
So at these times; CIS detect these unrecognized files and upload them to Comodo Servers without my permission.

I trust this company, and also I read CIS’s “privacy statements”.
But, I don’t want to share my codes anyhow…
Maybe there is a setting about this, but I can’t find;
So, this is a simple question( feedback* );
Where is “the setting” about “don’t sent unrecognized files” ?

Thanks for any input,

Best Regards,

  • Orkan

Notes for smart forum users;

  • I don’t want to close CIS,
  • I don’t want to disconnect from internet while I’m developing softwares,
  • I don’t want to develop my programs in an other computer.

Welcome to the Forum Orkan

Please go to Defense+ / Defense+ Settings to disable Cloud


Edit You might have to untick the other option above those two, but I do not think so.

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Hello and welcome OrkanA

You may disable this feature by Opening Up CIS > Defense+ > Defense+ Settings > Execution Control Settings ; uncheck ‘Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files’ also ‘Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud’

As noted in the Help Documentation Which You can view here Comodo Help

or download the whole help in a pdf format here

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- Jacob Kilgore
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Thanks for your replies…

So, I think; I need to UNcheck two settings ?

“Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files – When checked, any file that is marked as unrecognized and is sent to the Comodo Instant Malware Analysis (CIMA) server for behavior analysis.”

“Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud – Selecting this option will automatically submit unrecognized files to our File Lookup Server to check whether or not they are on the master Comodo white list or black-list”

At the other hand, this is some kind of CIS’s dead feature( a misunderstanding of the role of the feature )
Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files
Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud
Two sentences doesn’t mean “submit unrecognized files”. Because with a cloud app; you can scan any files if the client-side program has this feature. Am I wrong ?

Thanks for your help again.


  • Orkan

Hello Orkan,

Your Most Welcome,

CIS isn’t a full blown cloud application, it is only integrating some aspects of ‘the cloud’…

With the 2 options unchecked, Auto File Submition will be disabled (unless you have a scheduled scan and you select the files ‘unrecognized’ and hit submit)

In Previous Versions of CIS there was a option that specifically said submit unrecognized files to Comodo Servers, but they just changed the wording in this version.

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- Jacob Kilgore
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Hello Jacob,

Yes, “uncheck two settings” works for me( I tested ). Thanks for your help…

I don’t understand why they changed the labels…

by the way; maybe, editing hosts file and/or hardware firewall for blocking CIS’s servers ip(s) will be a good idea too :smiley: ( nevermind the upgrade* )

Thanks again.


Your Welcome and i’m glad that i could help you

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