Feedback PrivDog

Serious mistake to install PrivDog without the users knowing or approval.
I see the negativ feedback on this when google too.

Look, I have a paid comodo internet sec. with geekbuddy and I just want that and have full control over my PC.
You have a nice platform to market certain programs in this forum or for that matter in the sec-suite or in the geekbuddy contacts.
That´s the right way to market and interact with customers and users which certainly could be interested in buying or help to spread the word or help develop or translate or whatever…

Stop install with out approval and interact instead and make good offers - and you will reach out the right way.



why don’t you want to stop malware ridden ads coming into your computer?
why don’t you want to speed up your browsing?

I don’t like or want privacy dog on my system. I already handle blocking ads and tracking myself. PrivDog actually slows my browsing and lets in ads I do not want to see. It seriously angers me to have PrivDog installed when I tell it NOT to install and it shows up after every comodo update. Then I have to uninstall it AGAIN when I already told it “no!” I want total control of every piece of software installed onto my machine. Is there some way to permanently block PrivDog from installing? It’s reaching the point where I’m actively searching for a different firewall solution.

Hi megabtch,
Simply follow the instructions I posted here and it will not install.