Feedback on updates. Important!


I have a question about ssh update.
What is the difference between /var/cpanel/cwaf/scripts/ and /var/cpanel/cwaf/scripts/ -w ?
We do want rules to be updated, but old rules should not be changed.

From time to time we see categories that are off are changed automatically to on. I guess it might be because of new rules that are automatically enabled (On). Could you please tell me a way to not have them activated automatically? Only in categories we have (On) ?

See screenshot.
cwaf.png is how we have categories setup and how it should be.

But when agent/rules are updated it’s changes as cwaf2,cwaf3,cwaf4 screenshot.


./ -w 

is unused.
I think you mean

./ -v 

This command just shows installed and available rulesets.


without parameters is used for rules update to current (available) version.

I reported to CWAF-developers about issue you found. We’ll resolve it as soon as possible.