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That’s why there is this topic. Mouse1 wants to keep the Introduction topic only for information so it won’t get cluttered.

Ok, so… we should place our comments below this topic? It didn’t look clear to me thats all…

Thanks pintas, clarified above.

I heard that the kiosk has system wide virtualization but I didn’t hear that about the manual sandbox. I know that the kiosk and manual share the programs that are virtualized but I don’t know if manual sandbox has system wide virtualization. what is more secure manual sandbox or kiosk?

what are the pros and cons to using kiosk over manual sandbox if any and vice versa

The restrictions for VK and manual sandbox are the same.

They are both “fully virtualized”.

It’s the same sandbox.

The Kiosk adds the on-screen keyboard, and if you’ve installed Dragon and Silverlight, the ability to run Metro-style apps. But the underlying functionality is exactly the same.

so the manual sandbox and kiosk both have system wide virtualization

I’m not sure what you mean by “system wide”, but if you are asking if both offer full virtualization, then the answer is yes.

I’m not sure what it means either. I think it was morphiez who said it but I will try and find the quote

I currently have a pretty ‘solid’ setup and i don’t want to reinstall CIS.
So… i was wondering… is the BB option ‘Auto-Sandbox Unknown Applications’ set by default after CIS instalation?

I found the post but i was using the wrong term. It’s full system virtualization. here’s the post.;msg625684#msg625684

I think he just means that everything is virtualized. Both the Kiosk and sandbox offer full virtualization.


Is the BB option ‘Auto-Sandbox Unknown Applications’ set by default after instalation?

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Yes, that is a default setting.

Oh, sorry.
Thank you for your reply.

You guys may be interested in looking systematically at the extent of virtualisation.

If so please see this new sticky: here and post some results.

Procmon is quite a fun tool :slight_smile:

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And thanks guys there are some things I need to add to the Introduction as a result of your posts.

New article on Kiosk and manual sandbox here. Hope this helps.