Feedback on files submitted to Comodo

I would love to see more feedback on items that are or were sandboxed and submitted to Comodo for review. I’ve had files sit in the sandbox for a while not knowing what is going on with them. It would have been nice to get a quick summary on when the file would be looked at and whether the result was safe or not when it finally had been reviewed.

What type of feedback would you like to see? I agree it would be a good idea to have some information (perhaps a link to the CAMAS report), but I’m not sure what else they can do.

The submitted files are added to a que, sorted by priority, and when they are gotten to they will be analyzed. After that they should either be added to the whitelist or the blacklist. Either way you will find out the verdict the next time you go to run that file.;D

That said I’m not sure how long the analysis takes, so perhaps it would be useful in that regard.

There is an unrecognized files dialog box that you can see your submitted files and the date that the files were submitted. It is in this area that it would be nice to see the verdict of the submitted files whether good, bad, or pending.

As far as files that are waiting to be looked at, I would think some type of ticket system would be useful. When you submit an unrecognized file it is assigned a number which you should also be able to see on the unrecognized files dialog. Comodo could then show which number(s) they are currently working on, so you can see where your file is in the list and the progress they are making towards it.