Feedback on Comodo

Well I have some good news and bad news:

  1. Comodo is my new permanent antivirus, I love it, its faster than Avira - so I can now say bye bye Avira, welcome Comodo. Just the results of what it can find and everything makes me proud to be a Comodo User.

  2. I’m not using the Comodo Firewall, I’m using Outpost, it’s training with me for a week to see what I do and don’t use. Comodo Firewall HIPS still not perfect, even with Threatcast.

I must say I’ve seen you guys since version 2 I think it was. It was before the look of Comodo now; I can’t express how proud of this company I am, you guys are the best and so helpful. This has to be the best Antivirus software out there - even better than Avira. Thank you guys, thank you so much for everything.
:comodorocks: (V) :comodosavedmylife: :comodo110: (CLY) :ilovecomodo: :comodomarryme:

haha there we go some emoticons.

I’d reverse your review. While the AV’s scheduled scans are much quicker than Avira about 67% of the time it freezes my computer the other 33%. There are also still major problems with false positives.

I’ve been using the firewall for a long time and only had an issue once. (Java problem)