Feedback on CAVS in Win Server 2003

Hi… All of you
I am new user of comodo products & using CAVS for desktop XP Pro SP2 a month already. I am quite ok with it, only got some minor funny things (maybe bugs, but i think others members already reported in this BETA corner) happened which is waiting for final next release.

The purpose for this posting is I’d like to feedback on using CAVS in Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2. I tried this because i read posting ‘Does CAVS run on Windows 2003?’ posted by panic.

Installation & Online updating no problems at all ONLY on clean installation (so just a simple stand alone server). The problems come only when u want to set up network resources like setup the Active Directory for domain controller. After detecting LAN and it will try to install domain (not more than 5% process) then it will become BSOD, dump memory to … : 100 then win restarted.
I took me quite a long time to figure out the problem >:( I tried to uninstall the CAVS and finally the Active Directory domain can be installed successfully.
I did not GIVE UP yet ( (L)) and tried to install CAVS again after installed Active Directory, and the server become HANG after login and processing on ‘Applying network source…’, so hang on process before go into desktop. :'(. It forced me to use F8 Safe Mode to uninstall the CAVS.

So waiting for the next full release… wait for how long???

Thanks for all developers attention. (V)


Thank you very much for your feedback, I am sure the developers will find it very valuable for developing future versions of Comodo Antivirus :). I have gone ahead and forwarded this information to the Comodo staff and they will forward it to the developers for you ;).

As for the next release you may wish to check THIS topic for information regarding the next release of Comodo Antivirus.


Hi folks,

Here’s my feedback on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, Fully Patched, which I’m currently using as a playtime “sandbox”: I installed based on the build as a stand-alone (without Active Directory) and it worked wonderfully. However, when installed on a domain controller it would BSOD and I had to uninstall in safe mode. I’ve not tried using CAVS on the domain controller since; has this issue been resolved in

I’m not sure if the issue I’m encountering is the same as bigben’s; it appears he installed CAVS prior to setting up active directory and I did things in the opposite order (tried installing CAVS after my domain controller was up and running fine). Note that I have no issues running CPF 2.4x under either scenario (stand-alone vs. DC). So far I’ve been using AVG free version under the Active Directory scenario and it’s been fine.

Note that when I installed CAVS, it was on a clean Windows Server 2003 install (fully patched and AD up and running). I didn’t have any other apps installed on the machine (including CPF).

EDIT I just tried and the same thing happened; I get BSOD during boot-up right after “Preparing network connections …” and during “Applying computer settings…”