Feedback - no update on progress regarding bugreport

It would make Comodo appear as a more professional company if some updates were posted regarding when a bugfix will happen to a reported issue, for example this is a long standing issue - and a promised fix is nowhere in sight.

You are usually informed by a moderator in the topic after version which contains the fix is released. :slight_smile:

Note: This applies to “Format verified Issue Reports” board.

Developers of whatever software company in general do not report back on what bugs will be fixed and when they will be fixed. After bugs are submitted and accepted the waiting begins. It’s the way of the world and I can’t make any more beautiful for you. :-\

The part that makes me sad is that the bug was reproduced by the dev team in December 2015, and was stated as planned for whichever next version or hotfix by two Comodo Staff members, and no update since then.

I feel your pain. Back in the days I had a ‘pet bug’ with quite a few others with Opera browser that never got fixed… :-\

Yeah, and it’s even worse when they know there is a bug, but they don’t think it’s worth to fix it… :o