Feedback: New Windows 8.1 upgrade assistant lists v6.302093.2976 "incompatible"

After a ridiculous week of fighting Winodws 8.1 upgrade assistant which wouldn’t let me upgrade my Windows 8 without an 8.1 key, Microsoft seems to be offering a new version. I think this one will let me upgrade, but it is now listing my Comodo Internet Security Software v6.302093.2976 as ‘incompatible’.
Perhaps I am missing a more updated version of your software which would not trigger this type of report?
Of course these types of minor problems are common in major software changes, but I thought that I would leave this feedback here for your more informed commentary.
Thank you for your attention.

May be the latest version of CIS is not on the compatibility list of 8.1 because it is still new.

I don’t know how this works. Is the list static and will only software that is on the list with the exact version numbers? Apparently when a newer version of a compatible software gets seen the 8.1 set up flags it. When newer versions of compatible software gets released then whose job is it to get the information so it can be added the list? Do the vendors contact Microsoft or does Microsoft keep tabs?

It seems a question more suited for the Microsoft forums as that is more their field of expertise…

From a practical point of view I suggest to uninstall CIS and then update to Windows 8.1. Please make sure to export your active configuration to a folder that is not part of the CIS installation folders. That way you can import and activate your old settings again.