Feedback: i HATE you!

You know what… don’t use comodo if you hate it so much!

Open Does CIS warn you that you’re visiting dangerous site? No.
Quod erat demonstrandum.

No, i can add them again. But that means that when i run any online game next time, i’ll have to alt-tab, click YES, I’VE TOLD YOU, I TRUST IT, and alt-tab back. I already have done that several times!
Why i must repeat this ritual after every upgrade?

Oh, cool. Where can i find this config file?

i assume you must

Sorry, but how is that a demonstration? is a safe site unless you don’t care about what information you post, but then it is your fault. Or unless some malicious people modified/hijacked it or whatever, then it is of course not safe. CIS will alert you if something tries to install itself on your machine, as will probably most other security software do and block it.

And it might be in your interest to know that CIS has something called Training Mode. Assuming that if you uninstall CIS or whatever solution you have, your system might be clean from malicious software, I see no danger in putting the updatet CIS in Training Mode until most of your everyday programs are listed. Furthermore, CIS provides a feature which is called “Create Rules for Safe Applications” for both the firewall and Defense+ Component which reduces the number of popups both components generate.

CIS is a very complex software and the changes from v3 to v4 to v5 were huge, so importing your settings might fail. But as help, they introduced those Popup reducing features I mentioned above.

Simply saying that you hate them while not knowing how to use the software correctly is a bit bold. CIS Developers are just humans and sometimes make mistakes. But they still do a ■■■■ good job with CIS and also it is free and provides better protection in the right hands than some paid solutions.

Don’t know the exact location but I think it was somewhere under the ‘network security policy’ or the likes. My old set of settings got tagged ‘OUTDATED’ but was regardless still available and worked like a charm. This was from 3.14 to 4.1. For 5.0 I did a fresh install so don’t know there.

Hehe, I was goin to educate him about his so called proof that CIS doesn’t provide internet security but I see that you already did that Lunz.

So to sum this up and draw conclusions so that we can move on:

  • if you wait and update to a new version using the internal tool, your rules would not be wiped (pacience is a virtue);
  • technology today has evolved so much that regarding security, is almost impossible to do a security software that blocks all malware without asking the user for decisions, it is impossible to check all the software that comes out and have it labeled as good or bad; dumbness and lazyness would not be tolerated anymore, EDUCATE YOURSELF and kill your ignorance, start taking part in securing yourself, no software can take all the decisions for you !

If not, go and pay for some “so called” security solution that doesn’t ask you anything only to manage to get your machine infected so that you would go and pay more for them to remove the malware ! Speaking from my own 10 years+ experience here !

I would really hated if CIS gets dumbed down and makes decisions for ME !

Oh, you speak French!

(Sorry, silly quote from the Thomas Dolby song Airhead. :smiley: )

I personally have never seen it as a big deal to ■■■■ out my config and start over. In fact, I will quite often start fresh even when minor updates are released.

CIS isn’t a parental control software. If you want parental control, use CIS with another software, like Windows Live Familty Safety:


I don’t use the word hate very often, but I almost hate not being a Mod when I see comments like that. Lucky for you I’m not because if I was you would not have posted on this forum after this post. Take some deep breaths.

Seriously, who is to blame when you didn’t bother to find out or ask how you could have preserved your settings before migrating or upgrading? I upgraded all the way from V3 till V5 without loosing any of mine.

you’re like changing from one mobile phone to another and starting cursing everytime you’ll have to re-enter all your contacts and that mobile phone technology is stupid because “nobody told me I could have save my contacts on my sim-card!”

Angry Customer:

Sorry to hear about the issues you’re having. CIS should have saved your configuration when upgrading to be honest in your configurations section in CIS, under a separate profile. If it’s not there, unfortunately there is no other way to retrieve it. Next time, you can always export your configuration before upgrading/installing a new version of CIS. These things DO happen, and as foxman said mobile phones are no different when saving contacts when you purchase a new phone.

Is there anything else we can help you with? I would personally still like to see you continue using CIS, If you also need help saving configurations for next time please let the community know.


Oh, sorry guys. I found my config.
But if it were active by default, this thread would never be created.

But anyway: i didn’t bought new PC, i just updated software. And it wasn’t my desire, i just allowed this peace of software update itself.
When i update any browser, all my settings are preserved, i don’t need to open settings and search for my old configuration. When i update Miranda, all my settings are preserved. When i update Eclipse, all my settings are preserved. Updating any software preserves my settings by default. CIS is the only exception.

OMG! If it has a “Like” button I’ll immediately click it.
(Note : Will CIS popup when I click ?)

It seems that you still didn’t notice that CIS changed so much from v3 to v4 and from v4 to v5 that exporting configurations is nearly impossible between those major version updates (still I also don’t say it is entirely impossible since I always start from scratch with my Rules).
To make up for that loss, they introduced the “Create Rules for Safe Applications” and provide since v3 or even earlier the Training Mode Setting.

Furthermore, each update, egemen and other CIS Developers always say that a fresh install works best as configuration files can’t be or can’t be completely migrated due to huge changes in the Software.

Also, a browser or a messenger program is a much less complicated software than security software. If CIS manages Application Rules differently with a new update, then you certainly can’t migrate the Configuration to that version unless Comodo spends some time in creating a converter for that, but nearly nobody does that.