Feedback: i HATE you!

Why after updating CIS to newer versions all previous settings are descarded?

I spent about month to teach your ■■■■■■ popuper what applications i trust and what not.
Then i updated from version 3.0 to version 4.0 and all rules were lost.
I spent another month to train it again.
Today it updated to version 5.0 and all rules are gone again.

What’s the hell?

CIS doesn’t provide config migration… or backward compatibilities…
but you don’t need to hate them :o

One of the worst things in the HIPS technology…
The need to teach the software.
The need to do it over and over again.
An import/export of settings is a very (necessary) feature imho.

CIS provides:

  • displaying popups when you install new applications
  • displaying popups when you start or use applications
  • displaying popups when you even try to touch your computer
  • displaying popups for fun
  • displaying popups for no reason

CIS doesn’t provide:

  • config migration
  • backward compatibilities
  • internet security

Since you complain about this whenever you change to a new version, maybe you should use software which is not being developed so fast as CIS.

There are so many changes with each major upgrade that I doubt if it would be possible or desirable to import previous configurations. You shouldn’t have nearly so many pop-ups to deal with now with V5, provided you don’t mess about with it’s settings.

Right now I don’t see any considerable changes, only UI have changed.
So i lost all my settings for a new skin. Perfect exchange!

But when i open Security Policy - i see absolutely the same dialog for application rules.
The only difference is that in previous version there were a plenty of rules i created, in new version it’s almost empty.
I don’t see any reason why settings couldn’t be converted for a new version.

Sorry you are having big problems with upgrades.

It may not show on the surface much but protections have increased by 200% to 300% between V3 and V5.

If you run in Paranoid mode you see this, where you had about 30 alerts in V3 you now get about 90 alerts in V5 this does force me to use wild cards in some cases as the alerts would never end.


When you upgrade to V6, you’ll get 150 alerts, because all your wildcards will go wild and disappear.

My previous topic:;msg368733

I wonder how things like that could happen in 21th century.

Sorry no, I do a fresh install with every major upgrade.

LOL you are angry!! :o

i install cis 2011 firewall.

i export settings i uninstall cis 2011 firewall and i install cis2011 internet security premium.

i import my firewall settings and, many programs are popup alert because cis lost all features.

[at]AngryCustomer : that’s not just with upgrade but with the same version also

I hope you have vented your anger yelling the word hate.

Your post sounds like you are requesting something for the wishlist maybe. Kind regards.

Since you complain about this whenever you change to a new version, maybe you should use software which is not being developed so fast as CIS.

Even if “Love has its reasons that Reason knows nothing about”, one cannot permanently defend the undefendable.

A large majority of people here are active CIS users, and i suppose that, excepting a troll once every 2 months or so, ordinary people using third-party security softwares have better to do then to criticize here for the only fun of it.

CIS upgrading is not any faster then whatever older commercial security software, and there indeed should be at least some partial backwards compatibility.

+1 :smiley:

angry do u need to add so many polices that you cant add them again in CIS 5?

I understand if you don’t want to to spend your time creating ports or whatever.

You don’t need to hate comodo since it hasn’t destroyed you machine.


This doesn’t look like CIS anger management program :smiley: it called CIS whining management program :smiley: :wink:

[at] AngryCustomer: what I would like to know more about is that you mention there… “CIS doesn’t provide - internet security” ! Would you care to elaborate on that ? Since I’ve switched from payed security solutions to CIS, more than a year and a half ago, not a single malware managed to touch my system so far !
Whenever someone says CIS does not provide internet security I become curious to say the least !

So can you tell me how did u come to the conclusion that CIS doesn’t provide internet security ? I really would like to know about that !

Actually, if you upgrade via the online updater, your settings are saved under a config profile…

My post is a post of hate. Because preserving settings from version to version is a must-be feature.
And worst of all, i already complained about that problem before (see link below).
So i don’t request feature now, because there’s no hope that comodo’s guys here me.
So i just HATE them all and i hope they will burn in hell someday.

The hell in my imagination is a place where you have to click “Remember my choice” and “ok” FOREVER.