Feedback for promoting CIS

Hi Melih.

I need some help with my goal.

I want to promote CIS as a substitute for any security suite out there for my friends, employes and coworkers but I am struglering with some arguments that they always say to me: “I dont know Comodo Internet Security” or “It is free, so I do not trust on it”.

I would like to have some feedbacks and informations on what can I say to prove that CIS is great.

the thing is that I use CIS and I am very satisfied and I will not leave CIS until it gets unsuported (v5.12) or if v7 becames an v6 with a new interface. But I dont know how to argue with they about these points. I have to admit that CIS is new if we compare it with others, but for me, as an IT manager, this doesnt count too much, but for the simple user, this says a lot.

Thats it.

Thanks and be back soon to check this topic.

Comodo’s a significant company with a multi-national heritage. The Wikipedia page [Comodo Cybersecurity - Wikipedia] should help them get to know it. It’s a company focused on computer security, not just a company with a security product. And it’s been around for a nice, long while and has a good reputation in the industry.

Hopefully there are some nice reviews of the effectiveness of their products vs similar ones, but I don’t know of any good ones specifically.