Feedback : "Do not show popup alerts" is retarded. this a security software....

Not a DMZ allower

FFS… >:(

everytime I make an update I have to check these options ??

do a better job with your updates, it deletes the application rules and add “do not show popup alerts”

basically a trojan software…

All you need to do is re-active your previous used configuration. After every update CIS will import the standard default configs and backup the current older configs and append the version number in the name of the config. e.g. COMODO - Proactive Security -

Mhmm, I remember that happened during a major upgrade (i.e. from v. 8.x to v. 10.x), but not during a in-version upgrade (i.e. from v. 8.2.x to v. 8.4.x)

“all you need to do”

yes, put that as an Ad : “Comodo, the firewall were you need to export your settings before updating the software”

Out of curiosity… what’s DMZ in your case?

just making fun of the situation :
basically after the update, you don’t have your settings
and the firewall doesn’t show any popup when a program goes on the internet
so… almost zero protection.