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General discussion or feedback about CIS V6 Help.
Comodo Internet Security Version 6.0 Help
Edit: Not Currently available again. Inconsistently up/down, probably still being edited/worked on.
Sorry everyone, it was online for a while.

For bugs or errors with V6 Help, please use the following link.
CIS V6 Help bug reports and errors

Great ! :BNC
Let’s have alook.
EDIT: next builds we’ll have a way to submit files to Comodo under Advanced Tasks just like V5 or V4 were.


Unknown Files: The Sand-boxing And Scanning Processes

The address type is unknown or unsupported!


“If no information is available, it will be indicated. You can submit the file to Comodo for analysis”
In the screenshot we see a file which is unknown with a blue question mark “? Unknown” which means the file has already been submitted and queued for analysis.
They should change the screen and take another with a NEW unknown file “! Unknown” with an orange exclamation mark.

The default restriction level is changed?

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How can I download it ?

Broken link.
Try here.

I am not sure the downloadable PDF is ready or at least it is not on the page yet.

invalid operation


Same here.

And me

Maybe someone is editing the page as we speak ???

Good point, I will try later

Does that mean that the next release of CIS 6.0 is gonna be a RC instead of a beta???

With the number of bug reported I do not know only time will tell us ;D

still invalid operation…

I think they pulled it offline…

Not currently available. :frowning:
Sorry everyone, it was online for a while.

Back up ;D

Available Now :slight_smile: