Feedback - Comodo antivirus awfully annoys when "disabled"

When disabled, comodo antivirus changes its icon to “x” sign and shows red message in its main window suggesting to “fix it”. What do you mean “fix it”? I have an antivirus which is very comfortable for me and I don’t need your thing to interfere here.

Why do you let users disable it if you then start annoying them with this message? You even make the windows security center show warnings about it. Is it so necessary to act like that? Comodo is a firewall, not an antivirus. Antivirus is just a secondary thing and very optional but you think that annoying users with this “x” is more important than displaying your brand “C” in the notification area. You could use “C” with some exclamation mark like all other normal antiviruses do, but no, you better show this idiotic irritating thing. Looks like you think your Comodo antivirus is such an important thing that if it is disabled you should make users turn it on by all means. Your antivirus has found no threats while my other antivirus has already protected me many times, so please, be more patient to user choice.

So, my suggestion: when your antivirus is disabled, force-block the screen with red text “turn antivirus on” and don’t let users do anything until they enable your antivirus again.

You disappointed me with this…
Not “cool”, guys. Boring, irritating, not smart, not nice, annoying, not friendly, not user-friendly, arrogant, disrespectful, intolerant.

Screenshot attached

why do you need the all comodo thing

If you already have an existing anti-virus then why did you install the anti-virus component? It is important to let the user know that a real-time component is disabled, what good is a protection mechanism if it is disabled?

If you already have a dedicated av then all you needed to install was Comodo firewall.

We users have the right to choose whether or not we want the antivirus module installed. To do this, simply uncheck the antivirus item and keep only the firewall selected. :-TU

Ok, so firewall can be installed solely without antivirus… But I didn’t know the antivirus would be so rude when disabled, I just wanted to try it and thought I could disable or enable it without any annoyances…

I’m even not arguing with this, but I like Comodo’s “C” sign and I think it’s not necessary to replace it with that red symbol, it looks so strange… and the text in the main window - it irritates eyes…

Please do note that anything your Antivirus may catch is already prevented by Comodo Firewall and its components (HIPS, Containment) even if your AV is disabled (be it Comodo’s AV or a third-party) so no, your third-party AV is not “protecting” your computer - just catching things before CFW components kicks in. Do some research on how a Default Deny approach like Comodo works.

I can guess what this “default deny” is from the name :slight_smile: But I think you can’t “deny” every tiny thing and sometimes you have to allow something that you don’t know and there you need something that can check this in all possible ways and that’s where I said my antivirus did that for me. Comodo always prevents things first, then if I allow it, my other antivirus scans it. So I think if Comodo and its antivirus does not find anything first and only after I allow it my own antivirus finds something in it, then comodo antivirus is not so good at it…

you need something that can check this in all possible ways and that’s where I said my antivirus did that for me.

avs so often get wrongs then your files enctypted or mbr so your pc becoming unusable comodo containment here for blocking all of this
we also ditched comodo s av using only firewall buts not for firewall for its auto containment and hips with lightest pc impact without any avs

Sorry, I didn’t understand what is “avs” :slight_smile: But I can guess what you mean. You agree with my point about comodo antivirus and you are not using anything except comodo firewall features, am I right?

yes about comodo av we agree

It is to show visually to the user that something is wrong and needs their attention, MSE actually did this too where if you disabled the real-time protection, the tray icon wold be red with the X symbol.

But why does it show it like that - awful undescriptive thing. Why not in a more elegant way? You don’t even see that it is comodo.