feedback cis6.2: is a PC performance killer

I tried comodo 6 from the first release and last time yesterday and I left because of the performance issue.
This software keep my pc resources busy or cpu.
With this suite installed i always have a bad performance on-gaming and benchmark.
One example, 3dmark vantage points around 15500pt without comodo6, just install the suite or firewall only and vantage points drop down to 13000pt.
Are 2500pt is a big part, and on game i have micro-freeze and stuttering because of this suite.
I rollback to cis5 and i will left definitely this company at end of this year, i’m writing here because i think is the best firewall suite and i would like to keep use it.
thanks for answers

Had you run the Autorun Analyzer, and added all of the unknown files it found (which you knew were safe) to the Trusted Files List? If not that may be worth a try.

i will make another try, just uninstalled 5.12 and installed again cf6.2.
I’m running the analizer…

Do you happen to have 3D Mark results when using 5.12?

Just to be on the safe side of things, please make sure there are no leftovers of security programs you had installed in the past. A possible left over can cause all sort of “strange effects”. Please run clean up tools for all security programs you had in the past. A list can be found here at the Eset website: ESET Knowledgebase .

Keep us posted with your findings.

No performance problems here. The only issue is with my Downloads folder where the installers for a lot of my software are saved. It often takes a few seconds for the folder to completely open and sometimes will say it’s empty until the files start showing up. I could exclude the folder from being scanned but I’m not sure that would be safe.

3d mark vantage run perfectly with 5.12… just reinstall 6.2 and i lost 2500pt.
I solve the problem only by uninstall 6.2…
Is still installed the 6.2, if someone have ideas… i will try for 2-3days…

I make a try with cleaners… but i not think will work

Just covering bases. Are you running other security programs in the background?

yes i have eset nod32 realtime only protection.
btw i tried with cis6.2 installed alone and is always the same

p.s. cleaners not solved, seems like some service of cis6.2 keep busy cpu

Thank you for reporting back. I am thinking we may be looking at a performance bug here. Are you using the latest drivers for your graphics card?

You are mentioning that it seems like a CIS 6.2 service keeps the CPU busy? Is that an assumption or do you see specific CPU usage with Task Manager or similar tool?

i think is not related to driver video because i just updated from 13.4 to 13.9 whql amd catalyst and keep the same way this issue.
I can check cpu usage, i think is cpu related because cpu test of 3dmark are much more affected, and graphic test have minor points because of cpu component…
I tried to launch a 3dmark vantage without uninstall cis, only deactivated all components or exit from tray icon, and nothing change, only a complete uninstall solve this.

The only time I notice any performance hits is when the av is updating.

Personally I find a high performance hit too, so I do not use the software.
Clean install, no other security program. Windows 8 x64

Have to agree … 6.2.285 makes my brand new dell desktop hang for up to a minute at a time, makes it completely useless, the earlier version prior to this was better. I’ll wait to see if 6.3 gets any similar comments before upgrading otherwise I am going back to the x5 versions …

Still no performance issues here after updating to 6.3.

There it is, right there is your problem.

You blame the software, yet I can tell you that based on my almost 20 years of professional experience with PCs, that a brand new machine is the WORST baby to take care of.

lol, your misery is just beginning pal, haha.

I have been using Comodo firewall since v2 on multiple boxes, the software is not the problem, it is ok.

I have no performance issues either. Have been using CIS from january and my PC is smooth and fast.

I have been noticing that the av will spike the cpu several times daily for an extended time. This has been going on for a few days now. I’m contemplating dumping the av for a 3rd party one. :-\

Guys try this: go to the antivirus settings and uncheck the Run cache builder when computer is idle.

Also go under Scans and turn off both sheduled scans, I think with 6.3 it enabled those 2 even if you had disabled it in the previous versions.

You can also limit the size of the log to between 1 and 3 MB instead of 10 MB.

Well I don’t think that is the problem, what you suggest to return to the old technologies just to have a good running Comodo(this is silly)? Comodo should keep the step with the new Hardware technologies.

I don’t think he meant it was a hardware issue but more a possible conflict with pre-installed software you get on most new machines. I don’t agree with the assessment either though.