Feedback - CIS/CFW - Product Properties Issue

Just recently I updated my copy of Comodo Firewall (CFW) to v5.4.189822.1355 via the CFW updater (no problem). Afterwards, I downloaded CFW to save it in the event of a reinstall later if needed. After the download of CFW I did a “properties” check of the “installer” (cfw_installer.exe) and this is what I found. See attached. The properties all referred to 7-Zip along with the 7-Zip version instead of the Comodo product information that should have been present. All previous releases of CFW show Comodo product information. I appears that there is no, or not enough, review to ensure that all is ok before releasing it. :embarassed: :-TD

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I noticed too when I installed CIS 5.4 two weeks ago, but didn’t realize it was abnormal for CIS installers.

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pc_pete … Yep! Both CFW and CIS are the same way. I downloaded CFW and CIS and checked their properties. Both were indicating 7-Zip as opposed to Comodo etc. Seems that there was no quality control checking before the release. Let’s see what happens in the next release. ???

I get the picture (:WIN)

Igor Pavlov has taken over Comodo.
CIS will be renamed “7-Zip Internet Security”.
It’s now “Igor’s Corner - CEO Talk/Discussions/Blog” on the forum.
I start learning Polish tomorrow. ;D


Igor Pavlov is a Russian programmer, not Polish :slight_smile: but idea to learn Polish language is pretty good ;D
Here is a simple sample of Polish national anthem:
Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła (Poland is not yet lost)

I could have chosen Russian but went with Polish because I thought Pavlov was born in Poland. Even so at that time, Russian might still be his first language.

??? ??? So I guess the applications will still be named “Comodo”. There goes the neighborhood ! :o Anyway, thanks to those who responded. I’m outta here !