Feedback after a few years of using CIS x64 in Vista x64(latest version)

When I found CIS some years back I was delighted. It was a version three something back then and it was good. When CIS moved on to version 4.0 I was kind of disappointed because many apps seem to able to be listed in defense + seemingly without my control which then required me to purge the defense+ application list from time to time and always found at least two temporary apps that’s no longer there as a result and as to what they actually did I have no clue.

Anyway aside from this for several months I’ve been plagued with bad internet connection problem and very long Vista loading time. For the first I blamed my internet provider and for the latter I was suspicious of malware. For the latter it occurred to me later that it was the CIS which was causing the slow loading time since such problem never occurred when I’m entering safe mode. So okay I thought I could live with that.

But my internet connection seems to be so unstable to the point of it stopped being broadband sometimes. Sure it could be the traffic load but it turned out it wasn’t. Yesterday I had the courage to let go CIS :slight_smile: to try to find out what could be causing my internet speed problem and installed different internet security suite. True enough 90% of the speed problem is now gone and my internet speed remains stable throughout the day.

Seeing youtube streaming and downloading at a constant 180+kB/s is worth more than a total security that sacrificed performance.

I’ve a suspicion that whatever is driving the firewall and defense+ engine in the kernel level may have the propensity to cause performance slowdown both in OS loading time and internet speed. CIS diagnostics would not report any error because all the CIS files are verified.

Another thing that may worth mentioning is that an online friend reported that CIS was causing his PC to crash, getting BSOD and getting a performance hit in his internet ping. It was all fine until suddenly it began to show all kinds of problems. Uninstalling CIS solved his problems.

I would be willing to use CIS again as long as these issues are taken care of. Until then well it’s been a good journey and it’s time to say goodbye. All the best to COMODO hope you’ll improve. For now I’ll keep watch of your progress from the sidewalk until these issues are dealt with. And thank you for keeping my PC safe all these years. For that I’m grateful. And thank you for the terrific community I hope you would remain both critical and supportive because of your love of the product and for its sake :slight_smile:

im running Vista 64 and i have started to have your same problems i hope i dont have to move to another security product

Could this really be true? I run CIS on both my Win Vista x32 and Win 7 x64 computers and they both upload to the internet at speeds in excess of 10 mbps and download from the internet at speeds fractionally below the 37 mbps maximum throughput of my Motorola modem even during the busy dinner hour…

BTW my Win 7 x64 desktop routinely boots from a cold start to the desktop in 20 seconds according to my stopwatch which includes loading both the v4.1 Comodo Firewall Pro, Defense+ and the Comodo Sandbox!

Thank you Comodo for such transparently fast software which allows my computers to run at these acceptable levels of performance.

I fail to understand how Comodo could be slowing my computer down when its CPU Mark has exceeded the official Passmark Performance Baseline by 6% and that’s without overclocking the Intel Core i7 930 processors.


I’ve never had any problem with CIS too until the past several months. And it’s not slowing my computer I never said that. What I said is that it slowed the loading time of the operating system considerably. Like something was stuck and took a while to run.

It wasn’t always like this though. it’s only been happening for the past several months.

You’re getting it wrong Maxxwire my post wasn’t an attack on CIS. Your data is irrelevant. I could produce good test result too before CIS started showing problems or when the problem is not rearing its ugly head most of the time in the morning.


Can you monitor cmdagent.exe over a day or two with Process Explorer/Process Hacker? Look at Performance/Performance graph for anything unusual?
Also for booting time you can try Soluto to see what’s happening.

have you stopped other programs and services from running i had a start up problem with glary utilites

How old is your configuration this can cause problems if it comes from a older version of CIS.


I’m sorry that you are having problems with your computer, but as you must know we all have different experiences with software on our computers and they are all relevant. All I was trying to point out is that in my case CIS works better on my computers than any other Internet Security I have tried and I would say that continued quick boot times and consistent download times to within 0.6 mbps of the modem’s rated throughput continuously for almost 2 years is the kind of relevant and very meaningful real world performance data that most people look for in Internet Security Software which performance has been maintained throughout over a dozen different versions of CIS installations and most importantly without a single Malware infection! I hope that you will be able to find internet security software that works as well for your computer.


Quite old actually always used a saved configuration. Thanks for that information.

I’ll see if I can give CIS another try with a new configuration

Upon trying to reinstall CIS I received the following error can anyone help me on this?

Try Windows Installer Clean Up Tool to get rid off left overs from a previous installation.

I was interested in downloading the Windows Installer Cleanup utility, but unfortunately according to the provided link it is no longer available…

“While the Windows Installer Cleanup utility resolved some installation problems, it sometimes damaged other components installed on the computer. Because of this, the tool has been removed from the Microsoft Download Center.”


I have used this tool several times to good effect but given Microsoft’s warning use it at your own risk.

Find it attached to this post.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Be very careful, no responsibility here.


The link you proviced may not be working properly. It will provide a small .exe or .html (depending on the used browser) which size is much smaller than the actual file size of 352 kB (I have this file on my HD).

It is the same clean up tool with a different name.