Feedback about CAVS Problems

Just some feedback on CAVS. I recently downloaded the Firewall, Anti-Virus and BOClean. I was VERY happy as I have been using Kerio Personal Firewall for years and feel that after the Sunbelt acquisition they have slowly become disenchanted with quality.

After installing and getting through the numerous CFP dialogs (while a bit more numerous than Kerio’s I LOVED the level of control and detail I had and was OK with it) My computer’s stability went blah. I would have the CPU sucked away by CFP.exe or various Comodo update processes. The On access Scanner would go CRAZY at times.

The forums helped my CFP process (turn off automatic lookups) and things still were bad. It then got to the point where I could leave my machine on all night with NO problems and when I began to use Firefox my system would reboot. No bluescreen, no warning, just reboot.

I uninstalled BOClean and then CAVS and found that stability was restored. Which is fine as I can reinstall my previous AV solutions (AVG). (why both I uninstalled in the reverse order)

However the uninstall was ENTIRELY unacceptable. While I understand the use of modal dialogs and fetching the focus of the screen for user feedback the Uninstall would keep grabbing the focus. Combined with CFP dialogs popping up to confirm file/folder modifications the process was unacceptable (think how many files in the CAVS folder needing a FAST double click to get the focus of the CFP dialog and then to click the Accept Button). CHANGE THIS PLEASE!

Overall the CAV seems to be a pretty good replacement for AVG outside of the stability and uninstall process and I look forward to trying the next version.

Hi leihj, thank you for the feedback on the Comodo products. I sure hope that you’ll stick around in the future, Comodo has some new and very exciting things planned for the world of computer security. :BNC



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