February Is Here! Any New Info Yet?

Will the new DNS Version still be FREE to use? Any news about a “Release Date” yet? :THNK

Why have you made yet another new topic about this? I believe that there is already an existing topic (created by you) on this, where your previous new topic on this was merged to.

If you carry on like this someone is going to think you’re spamming.

Sorry about that Kail. I’m just itching to use it. I don’t know how to create spam & I don’t even want to know how. Please forgive me for double posting if that’s what I was doing. I’ll just copy the info on the post I just posted and copy it to that subject. Again I’m sorry about that. :slight_smile:

No problems. Yes, spamming would be double (and triple!) posting. :slight_smile:

I’ll lock this one.

I would consider this a final warning Eddie.
Further infractions will be dealt with accordingly.
please read the Forum Policy as has been stated before.