Feature suggestions for next version of CIS

Dear Comodo:

Hi! My name is Nathan Koepke, and I would like to suggest a few features and a fix for Comodo Internet Security:

1.Fix: For some odd reason when I leave my computer on, cfp.exe uses up considerable amounts of CPU power.
2.Fix: Comodo AntiVirus does not show up as providing antispyware capabilities in Windows Security Center.
3.Suggestion: E-mail scanning in Comodo Antivirus
4.Suggestion: When I tested my firewall in PC Flank, it shows that my firewall does not support blocking redirectors. Therefore, if you could implement redirector blocking in CIS/CFW if you can, that would be very much appreciated.
5.Suggestion: An option to protect the HOSTS file.

If you can implement these suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated.

Nathan Koepke

Hello Nathan;

Are you using any other security software?

  1. Could be a conflict with any other running software
  2. This must be a Bug (I’m running win7 x64 and it sees CIS as antispyware product
  3. CIS Scans two main areas Memory/Hard Disk if a virus is not on one of those then it’s not on your PC,
  4. This is interesting, I’ll test later
  5. HOSTS file should already be protected from unknown modification (Safe Apps are allowed to access it in “safe mode D+”

hope this helps


Dear Jacob:

I am using Avast AV 5.3 with Immunet Protect. However, I have D+ turned off as I am using Avast’s behavior guard and I just use the Firewall portion of the CIS software. I have removed something that might be causing the problem (Remobo VPN software) and it should be good now.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Nathan Koepke