Feature Request

I was wondering if you guys could add community based updates, Microsoft uses SpyNet :P0l. What this feature would do when it is activated, software that has not yet been classified for risks is automatically uploaded for analasis; what I would like to do, is start this for downloads (preventive), software that is already installed (clean-up), and automatic removal (Prevents infections and removes current infections). This should be for files that Comodo flags as suspicious as well as using heuristic detection to find new threats, before they become an outbreak.

Heurisitc detection should include: vulnerabilities, PUPS, tracking cookies, adware.

Adware can be classified as software that produces many pop-ups, pop-unders, etc… ’
Tracking cookies can be classififed as cookies that have a “unique” number attached to the computer or a user.
PUPS can be classified as software that is installed by “drive-by”, by an exploit, or by other means without permision.
vulnerabilites can be classified as out of date software, missing patches and updates.

I you guys implemented somthing like this, it would be greatly appreciated.

More information about SpyNet can be found at:

Rhett Trappman

How is this different/better than Threatcast?


ThreatCast only sends statistical information about firewall events.
This is for the anti-virus / anti-spyware scanner, and this will send files to the Malware Research Team to be tested. This will greatly improve detection rates and decrease on the false positives; there should be a blacklist and a white list associated with this feature.

This feature should be like Browser Defender: http://www.browserdefender.com/ , but it should have an on-access scanner interface; and can be half web-based / half signature and heuristic based!