feature request

comodo firewall would needs option to specify advanced rules for aplications - rules like in network monitor but aplied to specific aplication.

you can set up avdanced application specific rules for applications, but this is done in the oddly named Application Monitor ( ;)).

The app monitor and the network monitor work hand in hand to control specific applications external access. If you make an application specific rule in the app monitor, there must be a network rule that will allow the defined traffic for that app out. Just an app monitor rule isn’t enough.

This might seem like double handling, but the app monitor determines WHAT is allowed out to play and the network monitor determines HOW it’s allowed out.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

In aplication monitor for example you can specify to allow trafic to a.exe on remote tcp port 111 however it wont block rest of ports like 112. Default is allow and you cannot build more than one rule. So you can only make one rule for deny.

If you got a.exe blocked in aplcation monitor then any rules in network monitor cannot override it. However if you aply allow in aplication monitor then network monitor can still bock in on some rules.

So you cant for example allow a.exe to do ONLY outbound traffic to tcp remote 111

You can make a block rule in application monitor, and check the box “exclude”, and set tcp 111.