Feature Request: Whois lookup on firewall popup

Hi Comodo,

I am a big fan of your free Firewall product. I believe it is a best-in-breed implementation of the host based firewall. Its scalability and granularity on firewall policy is unmatched in this space.
High levels of customization in the popup and alert policys as well as non-ip filtering, its brilliant!

One feature i saw in another product was a ‘whois’ lookup on the firewall popup. This would allow users to make an informed decision on where and to whom an application was contacting.

Additionally, it would be nice to create firewall policy rules at all granularities when operating in Very High Alert Frequency levels; for example: allow/deny * ports on destination, allow once, always.
These could be on an expanded window to prevent the standard dialog from becoming too cluttered.

I run the product in custom policy/paranoid with very high alerting - but i use this to construct my ruleset. It would be a UI gem if this could be done without launching the management interface.

Thank you for a great free product.