Feature Request: Systemtray Icon

I’ve got a feature request about the systemtray icon.
At the moment (I’m using CFP 3) it’s only the white shield and the traffic animation, if it’s enabled.
I’d like the firewall to change the icon, in order to provide information about the status in my systray.

And now my two cents to the design:
I thought about icon overlays for Defense+ status, showing if it’s disabled (but should be enabled in general) or in installation mode. Maybe also for the other modes…
And changing the big icon for the status of the firewall. Different icons, if the firewall is disabled/blocks all traffic/enabled.

Maybe, you could also add the status of Firewall and Defense+ to the tooltip text.

Thank you for your great product,


Maybe the skinning tool in the future will also encompass the animated tray icon so that we change it to something more clearer. Of course, bug fixes take priority over cosmetic requests (:WIN)

I only mis the overview of the network cards on the summary screen of v3.

Highlights AND tip of the day is a bit to much. I rather have some more usefull information on a summary screen.

Tip: i like the graphs on the former sygate product.

I thought this thread was about systemtray icon.

Yes, I was talking about the systemtray icon.
But I think (I’m pretty sure) you can’t do it just with skinning - you need also the firewall to choose the proper icon according to it’s status.

With the tooltip text I meant the text appearing, when you hover the systemtray icon - at the moment it just says “COMODO Firewall Pro”.

You’re right. Even uTorrent (that supports skinning), doesn’t allow the ability to change the system tray icon. I actually like this v3’s over v2’s because the arrow indicators are meaningful relative to how much downstream and upstream data is being utilized by your internet connection, but the white shield as the background makes it a little unclear.