Feature Request : sorting by executable name / directory


When one chooses :

3)Computer security policy


3)Network Security policy

one gets a list of programs.

Would it be possible to allow these to be sorted alphabetically in terms of the executable name, or by directory?
This will make it easier to find a particular program when the list is very long.



Searching and/or sorting would be very useful when there are a large number of rules. It annoys me when I have to dig through a list of applications to find the specific one I’m looking for.

It’s possible to search for entries by clicking on the Application Name bar and typing a letter. See images. This works in D+ and the Firewall.

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It is not a search…

It just filters the first letters.

A search is something to find anywhere in the whole string or path…

You may call it whatever you will, It still allows one to find an item within many.

Not quite. I have blender.exe is this list but typing “b” does not yield any results. The only way to get things to show in the list is to type out the full path starting with the drive letter. Having to type the whole path out to find a program in the list is not only time consuming, but it defeats the purpose of searching because you have to know the path beforehand.

I already made a wish to have this fixed or improved.