feature request: real-time scrolling netgraph

like the topic says. a real-time scrolling network activity graph is useful to have that info as part of monitoring your network security. maybe you have data coming in that you aren’t expecting… i guess you can look in the activity monitor for detailed info on connections, but you know what they say about pictures… right now i’m forced to look in the windows task manager for net activity graph, but it’s not incredibly practical or handy.
also, how about being able to turn on some sort of logging and/or pattern searching feature… for example, if some application only tries to connect outbound at 3am every night, it should flag it or point that out to help catch spyware (even if the firewall is -hopefully- not letting the program through).
just my 2c to help an already great product. keep up the great work.

Welcome to the forum, mrgv.

It has been announced by Egemen (lead developer) that the system tray icon will reflect not just arrows going up and down for uploads/downloads, but also some kind of rate measuring animation in the next version.

As for the logging you can post this request in the wishlist topic.

first, thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: also, thanks for the info… while it’s definitely nice and more useful for the status bar icon to show more quantifiable info, i was actually hoping for a bigger / more detailed graph right on the main screen perhaps as an extra tab in the “traffic” highlights. it would also have a button (or just be clickable itself) that takes you to a bigger version with some activity details (perhaps the big graph could be somewhere in the “activity” portion of the firewall as, for example, “Net Graph” along side “Connections” and “Logs”).

Your descriptions really remind me of my former Kerio firewall. While such a feature would be nice, I just don’t like the idea of more resource consumption (unless there’s an option to disable it, unlike Kerio 88)).

undesired resource consumption bad; agreed. but you’d only need to use up those resource when you have the firewall gui open AND that specific component is selected. only running it when the user wishes to see it shouldn’t be too bad of a resource hit, afaik.

If it worked that way, which is what it’s supposed to be anyway, then great. (It sure didn’t look like it to me with Kerio. Sorry I keep referring to it since it’s most the relevant one I have used :D)

NetMeter fulfills these conditions and is very configurable. Also, a graph-in-icon format would be a little, er, little!