Feature request: more granular configurations

I want to be able to manually change firewall rules set depending on a network to which I connect. I was using separate configurations for that, but this means that I’m also switching HIPS rules and all the other settings (for UI, logging, etc.) and I need to keep those in sync between the configurations. It would be way more usable if configurations were defined separately for the firewall, HIPS, general settings and so on - that way e.g. firewall configuration could be changed without affecting the remaining settings.

Edit: could mods please move this topic to Wishlist forum, which I’ve overlooked?

Hmm I don’t have a clear view of your setup or the networks, but possibly this situation could be done in another way. Does the different networks have different addresses? For example does network #1 have and network #2 etc?

If the answer to the above is yes then you could create a network zone for each network and then for the applications you could specify to allow network #1 but not allow network #2, this also works for global rules.

However if all the networks use the same addresses so network #1 uses and network #2 uses then that becomes harder unless you connect through different network interfaces or have any other way to identify different network that can be applied for Network zones.

I’d like to be able to change the rules e.g. when connecting to a new Wi-Fi network, so fixed network zones wouldn’t be helpful if I understand them correctly. The point is to restrict Internet access for applications when I connect to an unknown, potentially less secure network. I’d also like to be able to apply different sets of rules to the same network, e.g. when I want to cut off some applications from the Internet temporarily.

I see, interesting idea, perhaps it could be implemented in a way profiles are implemented in MSI Afterburner etc.

Btw, perhaps add a poll?