Feature request: http-queries filter by the mask

There is usefull feature into some firewalls: http-queries filter by the mask. I like interface for it into Kerio Winroute firewall: http-queries-filter groups are defined and politics is set for every of groups (allowed, dissallowed, ask before connect, …).

I have some young users of my home computer. Much of security problems are dissapeared here when websites like “sex”, “hack”, “■■■■■” and similar was disallowed.

I’d like to see similar feature into Comodo firewall (+ password protected settings).

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Nice request, I have a friend that also want a feature like that.

You can put your request in the wishlist-thread if you want:


Password protection is a feature that many have requested, it will come, maybe already in the upcomming v3 of the firewall.