[feature request] Gaming mode

While I had a fair share of problems with game components being sandboxed or otherwise blocked in the past it is my recent experience with ArmA 3 multiplayer with BattleEye anti-cheating solution which convinced me CIS needs a gaming mode. I’ve reckoned several months ago that CIS doesn’t need a gaming mode when I discovered the Silent mode. From my experience the Silent mode does more harm than good as far as user experience goes in a gaming scenario. Is the Silent mode poorly designed? No. It was my mistake. Silent mode does just that - it inhibits CIS popups. I thought (for some reason) it’s going to make CIS a bit less strict.

Then there’s the question of performance impact. When I play a most demanding game I tend to disable some CIS components. Not only I have to do it manually one by one each time, CIS also insists on asking me for each module for how long I’d like to disable the module. It could probably be done with the setting profiles but they are burried in the settings.

PS. Or… https://forums.comodo.com/defense-sandbox-help-cis/blocks-its-own-secure-shopping-csssrv64exe-t124368.0.html;msg888717#msg888717

From the help about silent mode:

Automatic isolation of unknown applications and real-time virus detection are still functional.
Silent mode is pretty much training mode in that anytime an alert would be generated for an unknown application, CIS will auto allow and add corresponding allow rules in either the firewall application rules or HIPS. So if you experience slow down it could be caused by the anti-virus, you should then add applications to [url=https://help.comodo.com/topic-72-1-766-9162-Exclusions.html#excluded_applications]excluded applications[/url] to have the real-time AV ignore all files system activity performed by that application.

Well, it’s almost the opposite in my recent experience. I clearly get more blocking compared to the standard mode.