Feature request - CIS Trusted Certificates Manager

Security of Windows OS is depend on quality of the set of trusted system root certificates and publiser’s certificates. But some software, which user trust on the stage of installation, add own “trusted” certificates. When such software have been removed from the system, them certificates are leave. I can’t to find the tool which can help to user to define, which of system root or software publisher’s certificates are really trusted and which should be removed, which of certificates are the OS initial list, which of certificates have been added and which program adds them, which of certificates user adds.
I think, that such feture as CIS Trusted Certificates Manager will be helpfull.
Thank you!

This is a wish >>> Comodo Forum

Sorry, I can’t understand were I’m wrong, but when I open your link (Comodo Forum) instead of article about the similar wish I see the topics list.